Once upon a time in the cold world of a lonely planet, the sun was born. And everything became bright and colorful. That is the very beginning of our story - the tale about the EcoBalance world.

The Sun was lonely and didn’t have friends, so it decided to travel a bit. It left the home cell and soon made three friends. When they met together, they had so much fun, that the real “ecoboom!” has happened. It became the start of the evolutionary chain - a flower was born.

Time has passed, and flowers evolved into a caterpillar. The characters came across various obstacles - the snake attempted to block their way forward, tornados stole the strongest with its mighty blow, and earthquakes created the real mess, moving everything around.

One more happy day - a bird was born, the symbol of the unstoppable desire for life and freedom. Birds have a great wisdom - they know that they are just a step on the evolutionary path, so they created a human.

It seemed that evolution has come to an end. But no. Humans are big dreamers, whose goal is to know the Universe and discover new planets. EcoBalance has three of them, yet each one is unique!

Humans decided that the dream is fighting for, gathered the crew, and impatiently waited for the rocket. And it did take them to space to face the new adventures on other planets!

Aliens became afraid that humans, which, while wandering the Universe and inhabiting other planets with creatures from their home planet, will destroy them. Thus they have started to steal humans and bring humanoids undercover. But aliens can be conquered.

How would you do this? Play and learn!

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