Blob io

Blob io

Think you can handle being the world's biggest blob? Then welcome to! Get ready for action-packed fun against tons of other players who all want 1st place!

The game seems simple — eat smaller blobs to grow and destroy enemies. But it's not that easy! There are no bots in the game, only real players who want to win it all! Be smarter, faster, and more cunning to prove you're the best! Brace yourself for online action like you've never seen! Join the battle!

Why you'll love

  • Minimalist design that's easy on the eyes!
  • Simple controls to move your blob and make it huge!
  • Clean interface without any tricks or complicated instructions!
  • Fun gameplay! You'll never get bored!
  • Tons of fun! Compete against players from all over the world!

Download right now absolutely free! Kick back and enjoy the wild mobile online action, unlock rewards and be no.1!

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